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It was a long winter…

I hate winter here.  I was born and raised in the Arizona Sonoran desert and I’m just not used to the weather here in Iwaki, still.  My last attempt at a landscape was last December and it started snowing in the middle of the session.  To make matters worse, this place is super windy, almost always so even when the weather is good it’s not easy. Anyway, today was the first day this year worthy of going outside so I did so.  I had to grab the setup a few times when the wind caught the umbrella but managed to squeak this one out…


White Storehouse – F3 oil on canvas

Trying out some pen and ink

It’s cold here, real cold. And windy.  Around 1 am I got in a mood to draw something.  I’ve been thinking I need to start drawing more so purchased some 0.7mm mechanical pencils and did this still life sketch in about 2 hours.  I first drew it in with graphite, then went over it with waterproof ink.   This is my last work for 2016, yeah.


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Ballantine’s Scotch Whiskey

You seriously lose all sense of time when you are in the “zone.”  I started this at 4 pm in the afternoon, finished it around 8:30 pm and it seemed like only 2 hours had passed.  Anyway, I purposefully chose a blue background as a complementary color to the orange-ish color of the whiskey.  When put into a small shot glass, you get yellow for some reason but whatever, just went with it.  I usually don’t draw this out in charcoal but in this case I wanted accurate proportions on everything so I skipped laying it out with a brush.

Ballentines Scotch Whiskey

Ballentines Scotch Whiskey – F4 Oil on canvas

still life setup of Ballantines Scotch Whiskey

still life setup of Ballantines Scotch Whiskey


The road to the Iwaki Flower Center


View from the easel of Taira town.

This is my fourth landscape within the last month.  The view is off of the road going to the Iwaki Flower Center.  I did something different this time, that being, I took a pair of +3.0 reading glasses and painted it wearing those.  This blurred my vision of course but it helped me to simplify shapes and colors and I was happy with this new technique.  That, combined with the umbrella is giving me much brighter, not so overly dark colors.

taira macho

Taira Machi – 8 x 10 oil on canvas board