B&W Silver Gelatin Fiber Prints

Printed in the darkroom from silver gelatin (B&W) film negatives, every print here was taken, developed, and printed by Kevin.

For art collectors and museums, usually only fiber-based prints are ever accepted.  With a fiber-based paper the emulsion is embedded within the grain of the paper. This not only affects archival qualities of the print but also the tonality of the finished print. A fiber-based print typically yields a deeper tone than a resin coated print.  Fiber based paper prints use a heavier paper, the quality of the paper itself is more substantial. Naturally the cost of the paper is higher, as well as the work involved to make a fiber-based print as each print must be washed for an hour in running water bath to remove trace chemistry, and then flattened with a heated press.  That said, a properly processed fiber-base print is archival for hundreds of years.

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