Film & Digital Still

I suppose I'm primarily a "street photographer", even if I'm not not too strict about the definition. I try to find the extraordinary in everyday rural or urban life, a skill honed through observation, mistakes, and persistence. When the urge says, "capture this", I do it and ask why later. Sometimes, if and when everything aligns perfectly— skills, timing, light and luck—and I'll manage to freeze a unique and worthwhile moment onto a photograph. Capturing and sharing a feeling through a photo is challenging and I'm always in pursuit of that one epic shot.

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A Few Photographs

Vibrant Nightlife and Transportation on a Rainy Night in the Philippines

Street photography captures the essence of human life in both urban and rural settings, showcasing the dynamic interactions of city dwellers and the intimate moments of rural communities. In urban scenes, it reveals the diversity and energy of city life, while in rural environments, it highlights the harmony between humanity and nature. Through the lens of a street photographer, both landscapes become stages for storytelling, inviting viewers to connect with the universal human experience.

Here are a few example images from a wide range of subjects and places. I equally use both film and digital cameras – whatever works.  For film photography, I do all of the film and print development myself.