About The Artist

kevangogh portrait

A native of Phoenix, Arizona USA, during the late 1970’s while in high school I was heavily involved in film photography.  I guess that not only makes me old, but “old school” as well. My brother and I had our own darkroom at home and we were both enrolled in photography classes with a teacher who had no affection towards us whatsoever. After high school I spent a good portion of my youth traveling the world in the US Navy where I shot a lot of film from a Canon AE-1. After the navy, I found myself in all kinds of exotic unconventional places and war zones as a shipboard radio officer in the US Merchant Marine. 

Later in life when I realized I had some kind of aptitude for it, I began to earnestly study drawing and painting and was an apprentice of a rather famous artist named Lorango Cotti from whom I learned much.  I also studied at the Scottsdale Artists School for quite a few years, and at various other outlets. 

Although I still occasionally paint, in recent years I have turned my focus back towards photography, mainly because of the satisfaction of getting more immediate results from it. My painting background been immensely helpful, however, especially in terms of composition.

I recently entered a few local photography completions and have done okay so far…

2020 Iwaki City Water Works Photography Competition – 2nd place

2020 Iwaki Square Format Photography Competition – 1st place


I currently have my own darkroom and a 4×5 enlarger. My main gear for shooting (and I want no more) is as follows:

  • Canon 5D MKIV DSLR
  • Fujifilm X100V Rangefinder
  • Bronica ETRSi 6×4.5 Medium Format
  • Rolliflex 3.5F Medium Format
  • Intrepid Mk IV 4×5 Large Format
  • Canon AE-1 35mm Film Camera

And a bunch of lenses.

Thank you for your interest, here’s hoping more positive results will come in the future!