About The Photographer

kevangogh portrait

Based out of  Fukushima Japan, Kevin has traveled to 40+ countries and regularly visits the USA, the Philippines, and most recently, Vietnam. A native of Phoenix Arizona, during the late 1970’s while in high school he was heavily involved in film photography. After high school he spent a good portion of his youth traveling the world in the US Navy shooting Kodachrome slide film from a Canon AE-1.  After the navy he found himself in many unconventional places worldwide and war zones while working as a shipboard radio officer in the US Merchant Marine. Kevin has a B.A. in the Japanese language from Arizona State University.




He mainly considers himself to be a street photographer who leans heavily towards images with human interaction. He is also drawn toward taking images of places where humans have touched but may no longer be present. Some of his major photographic influencers are Ernst Haas, Fred Herzog, Saul Lester, Walker Evans, Garry Winogrand, and Henri Cartier-Bresson. He also has a very high appreciation for war correspondent photographers of the Vietnam war era such as Eddie Adams and Nick Ut.  Although he has increased his digital work primarily using a Leica M11 rangefinder camera, most of his images to date have been taken from film which he also develops in his darkroom in Japan.


Film Cameras:

  • Leica M6 TTL Rangefinder
  • Bronica ETRSi 6×4.5 Medium Format
  • Rolliflex 3.5F Medium Format
  • Intrepid Mk IV 4×5 Large Format
  • Nikon FM2n 35mm

Digital Cameras:

  • Leica M11 Rangefinder
  • Fujifilm X100V Rangefinder
  • Fujifilm X-T4

Thank you for your interest!