Film & Still Photographer

Born in Arizona and now living in Japan, I am mostly a film shooter. That started in the late 1970's from a dinosaur era high school photography class - the teacher hated me for some reason. I also spent about two decades doing a lot of serious drawing and painting, but in recent years have been drawn back to where I am most comfortable - film photography. Those painting studies did not go to waste though, you can either "see" or you can't. Then there's the darkroom. When the just the right combination of circumstances, skill, light and luck happen - occasionally something special emerges. Here's hoping I may have captured a brief moment in time that moves you in the way it moved me when I took the shot.

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Original Prints

Most of the prints shown here below were photographed on film, the negatives were then developed and the photograph was printed by myself in my own darkroom. I mostly focus on printing small batches of limited edition, high quality darkroom prints.

I shoot digital as well, though I do not print those myself. If you see a photograph of mine on Instagram or somewhere that you are interest in and it’s not shown here, not in the size you like, etc, then feel free to contact me – without a doubt I can make one that suites your needs.

Most of the images shown below were taken on either medium or large format film and have a very high image density and quality. I do have some 35mm street photographs which have a bit of a grainy edge to them, but that’s part of their character.