Silver Gelatin Scenes

Silver Gelatin Scenes – A regular black and white photo taken on film negative and printed on photo paper is technically called a “silver gelatin” print. This type of photography reached it’s peak before digiltal photography mostly took over. However, there’s been a recent revival in this type of photography as it often has a depth and nicer feel which a digital representation cannot compete with. The images here are all shot with film and developed in-house the “old school” way using a variety of 35 mm, medium format, and large format cameras including Leica M6, Rolliflex 3.5f 6×6 , Bronica ETRSi 6×4.5, and an Intrepid 4×5 MkIV large format camera. Printed on a variety of photo papers using a 4×5 enlarger. When I think it may or may not add to the image, I will further tone them in sepia toner.

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