New Year in a Pandemic


New Year in a Pandemic – Original Silver Gelatin Print

Taken in Iwaki, Fukushima Japan. See detailed description below

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New Year in a Pandemic – Original Silver Gelatin Print

Handcrafted Original Print
Open edition silver gelatin print taken during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic shortly after midnight on New Year’s day at the reception area of the Ino Hachiman Shrine in Iwaki City, Fukushima Japan. This print has a wide range of tones and detail. Image taken with a Leica M6 35mm film camera using Kodak Tri-X 400 film pushed to 1600 ISO.
This is not a digital print – both the negative and the print were developed by myself in my darkroom.
Outside of the actual photography, the process of making a print of this quality is somewhat complex and requires skill, knowledge, and time. Some of the steps to produce a silver gelatin print include:
  • Enlarge the image from film on an enlarger and expose for the appropriate contrast grade, for the appropriate amount of time.
  • Develop, fix, and wash the print for 45 minutes in continuously flowing water to remove all traces of remaining chemistry.
  • Dry the print for several days, where it will then curl.  
  • Press the print flat in a special hot mount press.
The result will be, when made skillfully, a silver gelatin print will last hundreds of years.

Available in the following papers and formats:

11 x 14 inch Open Edition – Ilford B&W MATT archival fiber photo paper

11 x 14 inch Open Edition – Ilford B&W Semi Matt WARMTONE archival fiber photo paper

11 x 14 inch Open Edition – Ilford B&W GLOSSY WARMTONE archival fiber photo paper


  • Open edition means there is no fixed number of copies, in contrast with a Limited Edition Print where there are a set number made
  • WARMTONE paper delivers rich prints with warm deep blacks and creamy whites
  • Each print is signed by the photographer and includes a certificate of authenticity
  • Price shown is for the print alone without any matting or frames. If you would like me to matt and frame this in a nice aluminum frame, do contact me!
  • Price includes worldwide shipping directly from my darkroom in Japan to your door worldwide (Usually by Japan Post EMS)

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11 x 14


Matt Archival Fiber, Semi Matt Warmtone Archival Fiber, Warmtone Gloss Archival Fiber