“Lanterns in the Rain”: A Festival in Fukushima


“Lanterns in the Rain”: A Festival in Fukushima

Taken in Iwaki, Fukushima Japan. See detailed description below

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“Lanterns in the Rain”: A Festival in Fukushima

This photograph exudes a serene and contemplative atmosphere, taken during a festival in Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan. It captures a quiet, personal moment amidst what is likely a larger communal celebration. A couple in traditional Japanese attire sits under the protective cover of an umbrella, suggesting a pause in activity due to rain, a common occurrence in the late summer season.

The surrounding scene, with floating lanterns delicately placed on the water, adds to the ambiance of the festival—likely one of remembrance or celebration. The rain-speckled surface of the umbrella and the gentle glow of the lanterns create a contrast of elements—water from above and light from below—which harmoniously coexist in this snapshot.

The use of Lomography 400 film in a Leica M6 TTL rangefinder would bring out the richness of the colors and the texture of the rain, adding a vintage and almost dreamlike quality to the photograph. Being developed and printed in a darkroom on Fujifilm color photo paper, the image is an analog print that bears the unique characteristics of hands-on photographic processing.

“Lanterns in the Rain”: A Festival in Fukushima

Immerse yourself in the reflective quietude of a Japanese festival with “Lanterns in the Rain.” This analog print, taken in Iwaki, Fukushima, captures the soulful essence of a late summer festival, enveloped by the gentle embrace of rain.

Cultural Richness:

  • Tradition and Tranquility: The traditional Japanese attire and the solitary contemplation evoke a deep sense of cultural heritage and personal introspection.
  • Illuminated Waters: The lanterns, afloat on the calm waters, suggest a celebration of light and life, often associated with festivals of remembrance in Japan.

Artistic Authenticity:

  • Film Photography: Shot on Lomography 400 film with a Leica M6 TTL, this photograph marries fine grain with rich, saturated colors.
  • Darkroom Crafted: As a fully analog print developed and printed in the photographer’s darkroom, each piece carries its own set of unique subtleties.

Decorative Elegance:

  • Ambient Beauty: Perfect for creating a space of serenity in your home or office, this print serves as a window to a world of quiet celebration.
  • Thought-Provoking Artwork: Engage with an image that provides not just visual splendor but also a contemplative narrative that will enrich any collection.

Let “Lanterns in the Rain” transport you to the heart of a Japanese festival. Own a piece of this meditative world, where every print is a testament to the enduring beauty of traditional festivals and the timeless craft of analog photography.

Secure Your Moment of Reflection: This print offers a rare glimpse into the intimate side of festival life in Japan. Add it to your collection today and let the peaceful energy of this moment be a source of daily inspiration and cultural appreciation.


Print Features and Important Notes:

Available Sizes:

  • 11 x 14 inch open edition – Fujifilm Luster color photo paper
  • 10 x 12 inch open edition – Fujifilm Crystal glossy color photo paper

Edition Information:

  • Open Edition prints: no set limit to the number of copies printed.
  • Each print is hand-signed by the photographer and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Shipping Information:

  • Prints are shipped worldwide from the photographer’s darkroom in Japan.
  • Shipping via Japan Post EMS Express Mail is included in the price.

Additional Notes:

  • The price reflects the inclusion of worldwide shipping costs.
  • Custom framing is available upon request


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10 x 12 Fujifilm Crystal glossy, 11 x 14 Fujifilm Luster