Backpack & Jacket


This is where I have decided to put my artwork. And talk about art. Or maybe about something else.  I’ve been drawing and painting for about 15-20 years, I can’t remember exactly.

I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing – William James

See that painting on the right? It’s one of the first paintings I ever did. I was on the ship and I had nothing else to paint and saw my jacket and backpack hanging on the wall and decided to go for it.  I still love this painting for several reasons. It was one of the first paintings I had done when I was just getting all of my newly acquired skills together.  It once hung in a local Starbucks and I priced it at US $125. One day a lady came in and offered to buy it for $75.  Someone wanted to buy my art!  But for $75?  I refused.  They say she came in almost everyday and tried to get me to come down to $75 and every time I refused.  I never did sell it, and that’s just fine. I also once tried to get it into the Scottsdale Artists School’s “Best and Brightest” competition and it was rejected. I eventually gave it to my sister.  It’s an honest painting, and it’s a good painting. You put some investment of yourself in these.

I’ve got a gallery with many of my works.  I’ve got a blog which needs some posts in it.  Hope you find something worthy in here somewhere.

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Have a nice day!