Urban Contradictions: The Defiant Cat


Urban Contradictions: The Defiant Cat

Handcrafted Original Print of a cat doing what cats do.

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Urban Contradictions: The Defiant Cat

This black and white image captures an ironic and somewhat whimsical scene—a cat nonchalantly walking past a ‘NO PARKING’ sign that humorously states ‘CAR’S ONLY.’ The sign’s command and the cat’s disregard for it introduce a playful narrative, as the cat seems to be the sole violator of this rule, reinforcing the notion that cats will go wherever they please.

The photograph, taken with a Leica M6 TTL rangefinder on Kodak Tri-X 400 film, benefits from the high contrast and fine grain of the film, accentuating the textures of the wall and the stark typography of the signage. The shadows suggest either early morning or late afternoon light, adding depth to the composition.

The decision to use black and white film for this shot likely aims to draw attention to the contrast between the text and the urban setting, while also focusing on the subject’s form rather than the distractions of color.

“Urban Contradictions: The Defiant Cat”

Explore the playful side of street photography with “Urban Contradictions: The Defiant Cat,” a charming black and white print that catches an everyday moment turned serendipitous encounter.

Scene and Irony:

  • Unexpected Subject: In a setting marked by human rules, a lone cat defies expectations, offering a lighthearted take on urban signage.
  • Textual Play: The juxtaposition of the ‘NO PARKING’ directive with the cat’s nonchalance creates a delightful visual pun.

Photographic Excellence:

  • Tri-X Character: The celebrated Kodak Tri-X 400 film delivers the clarity and contrast needed to highlight the simplicity and humor of the moment.
  • Leica Acuity: With the Leica’s storied reputation for precision, every line and shadow in the image is crisply defined.

Artistic Appeal:

  • Monochrome Mood: The absence of color focuses the viewer on the composition and story, enhancing the visual impact of the photograph.
  • Wall-Worthy: This print is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your collection, whether it’s displayed in a bustling coffee shop, a cozy living room, or an avant-garde gallery.

“Urban Contradictions: The Defiant Cat” is more than a photograph—it’s a moment of joy, captured forever in silver gelatin. Invite this blend of street savvy and humor into your space.

Adopt This Moment: Ready to find a forever home on your wall, this print promises to be a conversation starter and a perennial favorite for all who appreciate the quirky side of life.



“Timeless Craft: Handcrafted Silver Gelatin Prints”

Immerse yourself in the timeless artistry of silver gelatin prints with our exclusive collection, each piece meticulously handcrafted in the darkroom by the photographer. This isn’t your ordinary print—it’s a labor of love and skill, borne from the delicate and demanding process of traditional photographic development.

Darkroom Developed:

  • Both the negative and the print are developed by the photographer’s hand, ensuring a level of personal craftsmanship that digital processes cannot replicate.
  • The journey from film to print is handled with precision, utilizing an enlarger to meticulously transfer the image from film with the perfect contrast grade and exposure time.

Intricate Process:

  • After exposure, each print undergoes a rigorous development cycle, including a fix and an extended wash of 45 minutes in continuously flowing water to eradicate any lingering chemistry.
  • Post-development, the print is carefully dried over several days, naturally curling before being pressed flat in a specialized hot mount press, a step that guarantees its longevity and preservation.

Enduring Quality:

  • Skillfully executed, a silver gelatin print is not simply an image; it’s an heirloom, designed to last centuries and endure as a piece of history.

Custom Selections:

  • Available on 11 x 14 inch Ilford B&W MATT archival fiber photo paper for a classic matte finish.
  • Offered in 11 x 14 inch Ilford B&W Semi Matt WARMTONE archival fiber photo paper, blending a subtle sheen with warm, profound blacks and velvety whites.
  • Presented on 11 x 14 inch Ilford B&W GLOSSY WARMTONE archival fiber photo paper for those who prefer a sleek, lustrous finish to their art.

Edition and Authenticity:

  • Open Edition ensures that while the print is not part of a limited series, its quality and uniqueness remain uncompromised.
  • WARMTONE papers accentuate the richness of each print, offering deep, luscious blacks and lustrous, creamy whites that elevate the visual experience.
  • Each print is personally signed and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, sealing the artistry and originality of your piece.

Purchase and Delivery:

  • Listed price applies to the print alone, unframed and without matting. For those desiring a complete presentation, we offer bespoke matting and framing services—contact us to discuss your vision.
  • We take pride in our global reach, offering complimentary worldwide shipping from our darkroom in Japan to your doorstep, typically dispatched via Japan Post EMS.

Embrace the distinguished character of a handcrafted silver gelatin print and let it infuse your space with a narrative depth only traditional photography can convey.


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