Echoes of Prosperity: Superior, Arizona


Echoes of Prosperity: Superior, Arizona

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Echoes of Prosperity: Superior, Arizona

The photo depicts a building in the copper mining town of Superior, Arizona, capturing the textured narrative of a place once bustling with industry. The edifice, standing faded and worn, is a testament to the town’s prosperous past, now quieted with time. Its weathered exterior and boarded-up windows tell a story of change and economic shifts.

Above, a row of birds perched on a wire contrasts with the lifelessness of the abandoned structure, adding a dynamic element of life and freedom. The clear blue sky suggests the photograph was taken on a sunny day, and the quality of the light hints that it might be late afternoon. The telephone poles crisscross the frame, leading the eye across the composition and adding a sense of depth and perspective.

Captured on Kodak Gold 200 film, known for its fine grain and excellent color rendition, the image should have a warm tone, reminiscent of vintage photographs. The Leica M6 TTL rangefinder camera would contribute to the sharp detail and rich textures evident in the building’s façade and the birds on the wire.

Echoes of Prosperity: Superior, Arizona

This poignant print, titled “Echoes of Prosperity,” invites you on a visual journey to the historic town of Superior, Arizona. Taken with the classic Leica M6 TTL on Kodak Gold 200 film, the photograph marries the warmth of nostalgia with the stark reality of economic transition.

Visual Story:

  • Historic Facade: The building, with its peeling paint and boarded windows, stands as a relic of the town’s once-thriving copper mining era.
  • Vibrant Life: The line of birds perched above symbolizes the enduring spirit and adaptability of nature amidst human change.
  • Sunny Disposition: The clear, blue sky and golden sunlight offer a hopeful counterpoint to the themes of abandonment and decay.

Artistic Detail:

  • Kodak Gold 200 Film: Expect a print that celebrates the authentic colors of the Arizona landscape and the textural beauty of its historical architecture.
  • Leica Precision: With the renowned clarity of a Leica lens, each detail is crisply captured, from the rustic charm of the building to the delicate silhouette of the birds.

Decorative Impact:

  • A Conversation Piece: This print will not only serve as a beautiful addition to your space but also as a historical memento that invites reflection and conversation.
  • Symbolic Decor: Ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of architectural history and the poignant stories of America’s small towns.

Add “Echoes of Prosperity” to your art collection and let it serve as a daily reminder of where we’ve been and where we’re headed. A piece of Superior’s legacy can be yours to treasure.

Purchase Your Piece of History Now: Let this evocative print be a statement in your home, capturing the beauty and complexity of the American landscape. Your walls are waiting.

Print Features and Important Notes:

Print Quality:

  • Paper: Hahnemühle 325 gsm FineArt Baryta, bright white paper with a glossy finish, offering high color depth and large color gamut for vibrant colors and rich blacks. Acid-free and lignin-free, contributing to archival quality with resistance to aging of up to 200 years under optimal conditions.
  • Inks: Utilizes Epson UltraChrome K3 pigmented inks for exceptional color accuracy and archival properties, including three levels of black to improve grayscale balance and enhance the density of black.

Available Sizes:

  • 8.5 x 11 inch (21.6 x 27.9 cm) Open Edition – Print Only
  • 8.5 x 11 inch (21.6 x 27.9 cm) Open Edition – Matted (white) and Framed in High-Quality Aluminum Frame
  • 13 x 19 inch (A3 Plus) (32.9 x 48.3 cm) Open Edition – Print Only
  • 13 x 19 inch (A3 Plus) (32.9 x 48.3 cm) Open Edition – Matted (white) and Framed in High-Quality Aluminum Frame

Edition Information:

  • Open Edition prints: no set limit to the number of copies printed.
  • Each print is hand-signed by the photographer and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Print and Frame Details:

  • Print size refers to the paper size. Most prints feature a 1 to 2 cm margin for framing purposes.
  • Framed prints include a 1/8th inch (2-3 mm) gap around the image, set between the image and the matt board. Frames are made of high-quality aluminum, with a clear acrylic covering over the print, which is removable.

Shipping Information:

  • Prints are shipped worldwide from the photographer’s darkroom in Japan.
  • Shipping via Japan Post EMS Express Mail is included in the price.

Additional Notes:

  • The acrylic cover is an alternative to traditional glass for safety and shipping.
  • The price reflects the inclusion of worldwide shipping costs.


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8.5 x 11 inch Hahnemühle 325 gsm FineArt Baryta, 13 x 19 inch (A3+) Hahnemühle 325 gsm FineArt Baryta, 8.5 x 11 inch Hahnemühle 325 gsm FineArt Baryta – Matted and Aluminum Framed, 13 x 19 inch (A3+) Hahnemühle 325 gsm FineArt Baryta – Matted and Aluminum Framed